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    D-Sub: Custom Cable

    Network to Serial Cable OR RJ45 to DB9D-Sub connectors were invented in 1952 and named at the time appropriately as sub-miniature and D to represent the shape of the connector. Today, however, they are arguably the largest consumer connectors available.

    D sub Connectors are available in at least five shell sizes (A, B, C, D and E) with either standard density (two parallel rows) pin configuration or high density pin configuration (three parallel row configuration).

    D-Sub_metal_hoodsD sub cables continue to form the key connectivity component of many systems even today. D sub cables can be customized around six key design elements:

    1. Cable length
    2.  Type of cable (shielded or unshielded)
    3. Type of Connector Shell (D sub shell style, A, B, C, D or E)
    3.  Type of Connector (Crimp type connector or Solder type connector)
    4.  Pin configuration
    5.  Type of Hood (Metal or Plastic)
    6. Type of Hood Screw (Phillips or Thumbscrews)

    Use our D Sub Custom cable RFQ Form for pricing on your order.