JIT and Kanban Programs

We at custom cable fully recognize that each of our customers is unique and has distinctive requirements. Custom cable’s team works closely with our clients to deliver highest level of quality and service, whether it is the design, prototyping or final manufacturing phase of the product development. It is for this reason that we have the flexibility to implement programs such Just in Time (JIT) and Kanban, as well as internal improvement programs such as Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing and Agile Manufacturing.

Just In Time

We encourage our customers to place 12 month blanket purchase orders to accommodate for annual requirements. This in turn allows us to hold materials exclusively for our customer and can usually be dispatched within one business day.


  • Blanket purchase orders eliminate lead times.
  • A single purchase order is far economical than many purchase orders.
  • Costs associated with Shelf-space or storage space can be avoided by our customers.
  • Cost certainty, as product price remains fixed throughout the term.


Instead of the conventional push system of production control, a pull system can be implemented to suit your requirements. One way to implement a pull system is to use Kanbans, or “Cards” in Japanese, originally introduced by Toyota, the Japanese automobile company. We can replenish stock automatically based on any of your selected signals.

Lean and Agile Manufacturing

With customcable.ca you get the advantage of working with a company whose facilities and organizational setup is best setup to utilize attributes of both Lean Manufacturing and Agile Manufacturing depending on your design, quality, quantity, time to market and competitive pricing requirements. The following table shows a brief comparison of the two:

Lean Production

Agile Manufacturing

1. Minimize Waste

1. Enrich the customer

2. Perfect first time quality

2. Cooperate to enhance competitiveness

3. Flexible Production Lines

3. Organize to master change

4. Continuous improvement

4. Leverage the impact of people and information