Live Inventory Management

Right information at the right time is the cornerstone of every successful project.

Keeping this bit of time tested reality in mind and given our firm belief in the future of mass customization; we have invested significant resources in developing a web-based system that allows our customers the following:

  1. Live Monitoring of stock and inventory levels.
  2. Documentation (engineering drawings, BOM, images, special notes etc) management options for each individual item.
  3. Ability to send out alerts on pre-set indicators (Stock Monitoring, documentation updates etc.)
  4. Design fully customizable product kits in a few clicks only
  5. Quick ordering and real-time freight estimates

Once an order for custom cables is placed, we can set your entire order on this system. This option is ideally suited for large or recurring orders.

To find out more about this feature and how it can help you generate maximum value through this synergetic platform, please contact your account representative or contact us directly at 1-888-566-7274.