Custom Cable Assembly

At, we work with our clients to deliver the results they want. Whether it is the preliminary design stage or the final manufacturing, we can assist our customers at any stage of product development.

Custom Cable Assembly

To date we have delivered tens of thousands of custom cables to our clients for all kinds and types of applications ranging from RF Coax cables to D Sub based input/output cables and from power cables to ribbon cables and other flat cables. Our capabilities include:


  • Custom built to spec cables (drawing or no drawing)
  • Industrial Wiring Harness
  • Coaxial (RF) Cable Assemblies
  • Basic Termination (Ring, Faston, Fork)
  • Power Supply cables and harnesses
  • Ribbon cables
  • Antenna Cables
  • Robotics and flexible Harnesses
  • Round to flat cables
  • Custom adapters and connectors
  • Flat Cables

With every order, we at strive to provide our customers the following:

  • Rapid delivery of custom cable assemblies
  • Quality components that not only meet but also exceed industry standards and customer specifications
  • Expert technical support at any stage of product development.

With 35 years of engineering design, product development and maintenance experience at Custom Cable’s disposal, we are uniquely suited to meet all your custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing requirements.

We make certain that our experience, established industry partnerships and manufacturing expertise allow our customers to achieve best possible Return on their investment on custom cable, cables to spec and even on standard cables. Let our experience and resources to be your strength in the wire harness and custom cable assembly manufacturing.

We have a number of wire processing, ribbon cable processing, heat shrink processing and wire marking machines on hand for automatic and semi-automatic operations. These allow for precision cut every single time.

Heat Shrink Tube Cutting Video

Multi Conductor Cable – Wire Stripping Video