What we do

Custom Cable Assembly

At Customcable.ca, we work with our clients to deliver the results they want. Whether it is the preliminary design stage or the final manufacturing, we can assist our customers at any stage of product development.

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Custom RF Cables

Customcable.ca over the years has supplied our customers with a wide variety of Customized RF cable Assemblies including SMA, u.fl, MCX, MMCX, BNC, TNC and SMP Cable Assemblies. Other RF Cable assemblies include ...

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Value Added Services

Customcable.ca offers a host of value added services to our customers including wire cutting and stripping, tube and sleeve cutting, ribbon and flat cable processing, sleeve marking, component sourcing and...

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Custom Ribbon Cables

Using IDC and other low profile connectors, customcable.ca has produced a number of different types and sizes of flat and Ribbon cable assemblies. Customcable.ca has all the appropriate tooling, hardware and machinery to...

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Custom Wiring Harness

CustomCable.ca has produced a number of wiring harnesses for OEM applications ranging from the automotive, telematics, Intelligent transport, medical, telecommunications, digital display manufacturing industries and ...

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Custom Box Build

not only supplied hundreds of thousands cable assemblies and wiring harnesses, but is also experience in the design and build of custom control cabinets, purpose build custom kits using travel cases.  Not only do we develop ...

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Why Custom Cable?

Custom Cable has dispatched tens of thousands of custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses over the years, we have our own production facility for prototype and serial production locally and are equipped to have any order mass processed overseas. No matter, what your requirement, we promise you the best custom cable service.


Whether your design is complete and just needs the final finishing touches or requires complete analysis and design for cable and wiring harnesses in your product, we can help you. Allow us experience of working with some largest names and high complex products to optimize your cable assembly design and to simply cable assembly to fully meet any design requirements.

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